Thursday, February 13, 2020

Hexicule I: hypereutrophication

000.000  The runoff from this mine, combined with the fungal outgrowths spilling into the ocean from 001.002, are the cause of the monstrous kelp blooms on the coast. Due to recent monstrous disturbances from precisely that, it is now only operation for about half the year, when the soldiers of 002.000 can keep patrol.

002.000 The lord of this hill fort has two agendas - to profitably exploit the mine, and to defeat cult activity, which he suspects is still active at 002.001 and is eager to recruit any PCs to help out.

000.001 These deaded woods are the center of a crypt, that of the ancient sorcerer Xalphian. If the tomb is despoilt and Xalphian's remains dumped in the river, over the next four months, the monstrous kelp blooms and their offspring will die (as will just about everything else downstream.) A fragment of Xalphian's ghost - the most malevolent part of his soul, the other parts having achieved enlightenment and passed on to other realms - acts as a sort of custodian for the place and will attempt to encourage PCs to do this.

002.001 Once, in this town, an Innsmouth-style cult of human-sea thing hybrids (you know the type) dwelt, but the lord of 002.000 put them all to the sword. Rumors of their peristence... persist, but if any remain, they are in fact but a glimmer of their former selves. In former times they maintained the temple at 001.002. Villagers, who remember the massacre, insist (perhaps a bit too eagerly) that they are grateful for the lord's intervention, and that anything unclean in the water must come from the necropolis at 000.001.

001.002 Decades ago, disgusting but meticulously consensual rites here involving human, fish-things, and fungus kept the fungus sated and at bay from the sea. These have ceased, and in combination with the runoff from 000.000, the monstrous kelp and their offspring are now at large.

003.000, 003.001, 002.002 This kelp has only appeared recently, making commerce with the sea much more difficult, and brining strange monsters up from the shore.