landscape dreams of an unmortal mind

For Paintings Jam, I've submitted Landscape Dreams of an Unmortal Mind, an itsy-bitsy, artsy-fartsy set of experiments inspired by landscapes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) created by Joel Simon's Artbreeder - a few dungeons, a few broader scenarios, some worldbuilding, generally enlivened by random tables. I tried to go with "paintings" that struck me as being semantically coherent in some way, but that weren't quite what a human would come up with. It's a shame, and not only for professional artists, that as these algorithms get "better," they'll be more mimetic of what humans would paint - I wanted to celebrate a certain degree of awkwardness, or rather distinctiveness, in what my robotic friend would come up with.

Per Artbreeder license, all images are public domain, and I didn't see any reason not to apply that to the text as well. Best viewed in a pdf reader with facing dual pages and separate cover page. Simmering possibility of violence, subordination of the mind, body horror, and profanity - though none of them forming predominant elements - may understandably displease some readers.

Most of the paintings were made by playing around with other images produced by Artbreeder users, which in turn were made in the same way - follow the image links above to see each picture's "genealogy."

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