random religion generator

In the spirit of my alignment generator, I shall pointedly refuse to define what a religion is.


  1. "all-knowing and all-good (but not all-powerful) God
    cult of personality
    accumulated ritual trial and error
    achieve eternal life through chilling out
    proselytism, weekly gatherings"
    It is so fitting sometimes, it is uncanny. Do you use some kind of special patterns to link certain results to others?

    1. I often do that with my generators (for instance, the random setting generator relies a lot on coordinating hidden variables, and the Ionian Ontology generator has a lot of branching possibilities dependent on earlier choices), but with this one I'm lazy and it's just a bunch of independent tables. So much as some might say with religion in general, your mind is imposing coherence/meaning/intention on a far less coherent reality :)

  2. "Praxis castration, human sacrifice
    Differentiates itself by not practicing orgies"

    Well, yeah.